Our Story

Finec Asset Management LLC is a growing independent firm of investment advisors with vast experience and deep knowledge of the global financial markets.

The firm was founded in 2015 in La Jolla, California by Rene Toussaint, a financial specialist with ample experience in corporate finance and wealth management. Our firm was established with the main purpose of providing customized investment advisory services to individual investors, high-net-worth families, and various types of institutional clients. Our senior management team consists of experienced investment professionals with over 20 years of relevant experience in the global financial markets.

With a firm commitment to its core values and investment approach methodology, Finec Asset Management maintains its priority to deliver an exceptional service, always focused on addressing the unique needs of each of its clients.

Why Finec Asset Management?

  • Investing in client relationships
    We believe in partnering with our clients to form long-lasting relationships built on mutual trust, respect, an open communication, and understanding of their evolving goals and needs over time.
  • Open-architecture
    The breath and scope of the investment solutions that we can offer allows us to design a suitable investment strategy for each client.
  • Highest Ethical and Integrity Standards
    We provide full transparency and disclosure at all levels of our investment process: around fees, potential risks regarding a particular investment recommendation, performance reporting, etc.
  • Objective advice
    Our unbiased approach allows us to focus on delivering the best investment advice.
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring
    We keep track of the client´s portfolio on an ongoing basis to monitor performance and risk management, and to ensure adherence of the investment strategy with the client´s investment profile.
  • Senior management team composed of shareholders of the firm
    Full commitment from our shareholders, ensuring we´ll be at your service for a long time.


To provide wealth management integral solutions, grounded on our experience and reliability, generating value and forming long-term relationships.


To be a leader advisory and wealth management firm, based on our experience and trust.


  • Integrity
  • At Finec Asset Management, our commitment to professionalism is at the heart of each of our activities. Our clients will always have the certainty that their wealth will be in the hands of a professional team, highly knowledgeable in global financial markets, but most of all, with a deep sense of ethics and unparalleled client service.

  • Loyalty
  • We aim at building long-term relationships with each of our clients. Therefore, we channel our efforts and resources towards the development of personalized investment strategies grounded on trust and transparency. Today, these efforts are reflected in our low client turnover.

  • Sense of duty
  • In an infinite world of financial opportunities, we provide guidance to search for the best choice for you, always following a disciplined approach, respecting your investment profile and your performance expectations, and maintaining a strong focus on maximizing your wealth growth.

  • Responsibility
  • Following a well-defined, structured due diligence process that takes a look at your total financial picture, our investment approach aims to balance discipline and flexibility, while maintaining a strong focus on long-term portfolio performance, risk management, and an absolute objectivity in the selection of financial assets.

  • Prudence
  • Our first priority is your wealth protection. To ensure this, our service policy contemplates a strict discretion and absolute confidentiality in all information related to your portfolio.