What types of clients do you serve?

Finec Asset Management generally provides advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and families, corporations, trusts, foundations and other business entities, domiciled or residing primarily in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Do you require a minimum asset level to become a client?

The minimum account size is generally $1,000,000, but this is negotiable. For more complex investment strategies or higher scope accounts, the firm may have higher expected relationship levels.

Where should I send my money in order to obtain your services?

Finec Asset Management does not maintain custody of client assets. All assets are held at qualified custodians. We will assist you with the account opening process at the custodian bank of your choice. Once you have an open account on YOUR NAME, you can proceed with the transfer of the funds directly to your new account. Subsequently, our services will focus on providing financial advisory on how and where to invest.

What if I have an existing portfolio of securities at another financial institution and I do not wish to liquidate them to transfer my money to the custodian bank?

Generally in this case, it is possible to transfer the securities through a transfer letter to avoid having to settle the different investments held in your original account. This transfer of assets to another financial institution typically does not involve any additional fees. Note however that most likely we will recommend changes to your original portfolio, as appropriate, to align it to your investment profile and improve your portfolio´s performance and risk balance.

What is the difference between having an investment account at any bank and having Finec Asset Management as my investment advisor?

The main difference consists of the independence and objectivity in our investment judgment. Since we do not have a particular interest in any financial institution that may cause a conflict of interest, our investment judgment is not influenced by the specific goals of the financial institutions. As such, our clients may benefit from an unbiased investment recommendation and a larger pool of investment opportunities.

How are the financial assets in my account traded?

The trading orders to buy /sell securities are sent by our personnel to the broker-dealer. Once the order instructions are received, the broker-dealer is responsible for the execution of the requested trades.