The essence of our investment philosophy is to guide our clients towards a suitable wealth planning strategy that will provide for capital protection and steady growth.

Our dedicated financial advisors provide wealth management advisory solutions for both private and institutional clients, with a strong focus on the development of tailor-made investment strategies built on a deep understanding of their financial goals, needs and risk tolerance.

At Finec Asset Management, our clients come first. We are committed to our fiduciary responsibility: acting on your best interest at all times. We strive to be your trusted advisor with respect to all financial matters of your life. We focus on protecting your wealth, so you can focus on enjoying the important aspects of your life.

Investment Philosophy

Independent and Objective Investment Recommendations

As an advisory fee-based firm, our revenue comes solely from fees received from our clients. As such, we maintain a total objectivity when it comes to recommending a particular investment product to a client, avoiding any conflicts of interest that could influence our investment judgement.

Understanding your objectives and financial circumstances

A suitable investment strategy that can provide wealth protection and growth should reflect your financial objectives and needs, your specific investment profile. At Finec Asset Management, we work closely with each of our clients to understand their particular needs and preferences on an ongoing basis, and in this way, ensure that the strategy remains appropriate to meet their specific aspirations.

Commitment to professionalism

All of our clients demand a high degree of professionalism and exceptional client service. To achieve this, at Finec Asset Management we believe it´s essential to have not only a strong set of technical capabilities, but also the highest ethical and integrity standards, an understanding of the importance of confidentiality, and a strong sense of responsibility and respect.

Personalized Advisory

The low turnover of our professionals and the quality of our people allow us to offer a highly-customized service that distinguishes us from other wealth management firms. We believe our clients value our outstanding service, which in turn helps us build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, as well as shared decision- making in full confidentiality.

Operations Methodology

“Glass box” Operations Scheme

Focusing exclusively on the interests of our clients, we have adopted a “glass box” operations scheme, which provides our clients with the certainty of knowing exactly where their capital is invested at all times. We manage the purchase and sale of assets in the financial markets on behalf of our clients, ensuring absolute transparency of information.

Access to a larger pool of investment alternatives through our international network

Our international network provides access to a number of financial products across virtually all asset classes in various financial centers.


Disciplined Investment Process

A Structured Process

We have built our great reputation for our wealth management capabilities over many years. We believe the key to our success lies in our rigorous investment process, characterized by a clear structure, well-defined responsibilities at each phase, and an appropriate investment approach for each client based on his specific needs. Our investment methodology combines balance, discipline and flexibility, and maintains a strong focus on long-term performance, risk management and an absolute objectivity in the recommendations of securities.

Our value chain

Our value chain consists of three main phases:

  • Analysis of current financial situation
  • Wealth preservation and growth
  • Control and reporting